Sunday, January 07, 2007

1st birthday of Martin Miguel Ona

Yesterday afternoon, the first birthday of Martin Miguel, my nephew and son of Ipe and Ampy Ona was celebrated at Betty's in quezon city.

I actually forgot about it till I received a text from my cousin joy. There goes my much delayed manicure/pedicure and foots spa again once again to be postponed. It was a feat travelling from north to south as always so if its not really that important I don't go. In this case it is so I had to be there.

Above is a collage of lolo, lola, tita's and mama ampy all taking turns to carry the celebrant. Cath brought her new baby to the children's party too as you can see from the collage.

Of course Tita Maan wont be left behind and had a photo with martin miguel and with the grandma too.

The hit of the party was of course the much awaited magician. Everybody enjoyed his antics and amazing tricks. I even heard Ipe say, thats the most important part of the party. You may not feed the kids but you can never have the magician absent :)

And finally after the show, before we all left, we had one more shot with martin miguel and his mom with cousins in tow. All titas (joy, trixine. and moi) of martin miguel made sure we all brought home a party loot bag!!!

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