Monday, March 14, 2005

Webtalk radio and Top Internet Trends 2005

Mike introduced me to podcasting via webtalk radio. There were very interesting topics discussed and we were even mulling to do something similar to be placed in the PICS website.

One topic which caught my fancy was the Top Internet trends of 2005. Of course blogging (both web and mobile) occupied at least three spots as well as the prominence of mobile/wireless trends. We have seen the "We Roam" ads of PLDT all over the place, who knows Innove might soon release its Universal Access to the retail market. As of now they only offer this to corporate accounts.This will be definitely be an exciting year in the internet industry.


"J" said...

WoW! Lots of entries! Very very interesting (redundant?). :)

Matapoor said...

I've listened to one of those podcasts a week ago. Interesting. Kaya lang difficult kasi I blog at work. Mahahalata if I listen to them. hehe

Mike Abundo said...

To stay on the cutting edge, one must keep an ear out for emerging trends even while keeping an eye on tasks at hand. I've found podcasts like this a very convenient way to accomplish that. ;)