Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Seredipity turned Wedding Date

Last night, the movie "Seredipity' was shown on local tv. i remember watching this before but I still proceeded to again see the movie for I havent seen a feel good movie for a long time. As expected, it wasn't that thrilling, so since i felt so 'bitin' I rummaged around my various VCDs/DVDs previously bought but never opened and decided to watch "Wedding Date". I knew I will be having a very hectic week and I wanted to somehow enjoy myself over this long weekend (after working on a holiday).

Guess what, I liked it! Well at least the second part was really good that this morning I had to repeat it. I particularly liked the dance rehearsal part where they played the song 'sway' by Michael Buble. That was so romantic. The final scene, of course the wedding scene used the background music, 'Save the Last Dance for me'. I recallled that being a favorite of mine a long time ago.

How I wish these happy endings would happen in real life.