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Dad's Farewell: Last Part

This may be the last part of my post regarding Dad's Farewell (except perhaps an acknowledgement post which I am still composing). Just needed to add more photos/anecdotes for posterity. I was able to scan it only recently and some friends and relatives esp outside the country were asking me about them.

Below are the priests who concelebrated the Interment Mass at the main church of St. John Bosco, led by the parish priest Fr. Bernie (St. John Bosco parish priest) , Fr. Anton Pascual (Lulu's brother), Fr. Faroni (dad's confessor), and the two representatives from the Nunciature and Vatican (one is Mons Mendez and the name of the second escapes me).

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Tess (the one reading the Word of God) is the sister I never had. She was with me in Bangkok and helped through the whole wake from the hospital to to the cemetery etc. She was also the one who helped me during mom's wake. I couldnt do all the paper work since I need to be at the wake.

Fr. Boy Pablo (St. John Bosco rector), rushed to the hospital when I called him from Bangkok asking him to bless my dad who I knew was being revived then.

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Thopee graciously served during Fr. Boy Pablo's mass for dad. He was my officemate at the emerging markets group in BPI and has always been supportive. He also served during one of the masses during mom's wake.

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Uncle jun is very close to dad. They eat out once a week and its the only time recently that dad goes out, when he has to eat lunch with uncle Jun. Thats why I called him immediately to go to dad's side that fateful monday.

The lady in the photo is tita tessie, mom's cousin. I called her too while at the bankok airport to help us get that booking for the next flight.

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Mr. Julian Malonso is the other close friend of dad. They had known each other even before I was born. They may not see each other that often but he is just like a brother to dad. He had been sickly and couldnt even attend dad's wake but he forced himself to come during the funeral and whispered to me that he wanted to talk about dad before the mass ended.

By the way, many people told me that saw a butterly flutter around the altar while Mr. Malonso was talking. Must be dad smiling at him and all of us.

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Below is my photo with Estela our helper for about a year now. She was the longest staying so far in the recent years who can tolerate dad's idiosyncracies due to old age. She insisted on going to the wake so I had to find someone to stay over at the house for a day.

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The Sisters from the Nunciature all trooped to dad's wake and sang prayers for him. Dad has always been close to the Nunciature even before I was born.

I had to call the controversial Bishop Marcinkus in Arizona to inform his of dad's passing away.

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I tried looking for the choir which sang during my parent's Golden Anniversary and mom's wake. They are favorites of dad but it proved to be difficult. I just recalled that they sing at the church near the railroad (what a lead!) so tried calling all possible churces near the area. Anyway, my officemate Ronni arrived when I was so exasperated and promised to bring a singer during the Interment Mass.

Reuben Lauerente from "The Company" came with Ronni the following morning and gave great rendtions of various songs from "Tanging Ina" (mom's fave) and a moving "The Prayer" whre everyone experienced goose bumps. Rueben's dad also just passed away late last year thats why perhaps his songs were all filled with emotions.

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Relatives from Bulacan (dad's side)

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Tita Lulu brought their parish priest from Novaliches to say the third mass that day. She shown below with me about to bless dad's remains.

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Relatives from Tayabas, Quezon (mom's side)

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My classamates who just all learned from forwarded texts of friends: cory with bill, boyet and alex, jun among others.

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My colege barkada wendy and lella who supported me during those times, Edso, with some officemates kit, jane, daisy etc.

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My cousin in law Lulu (who helped me a lot from the hospital to the wake) talking with my amiga, bebeth who went straight from the airport to the chapel. She was also in bangkok during that the time passed away but I coudlnt tell her about it. Other officemates with cousins in the photo.

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Collage of photos during the interment. Just click on the collage to get a better view.

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9th Day Novena for Dad

We held a mass at home for Dad's ninth day novena. Had been ages since we had visitors at home for since mom passed away dad never wanted to have parties there. It was herculean task to try to clean up.

Fr. Alton was out of town and only learned of dad's demise recently so he insisted on also concelebrating. He was very close to my parents. I just planned to have a few people for this mass dinner just riht for the more than a dozen chairs we have but then I received calls from some people in the province that they will come and some other people who just learned of dad's passing away including Lina's sister and brother.

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