Saturday, March 26, 2005

Bisita Iglesia

Everything happens for a reason. Last Holy Thursday, I was supposed to meet up with Susan, my high school barkada who just arrived from the US. As always her schedule was screwed so I just decided to attend the services at greenbelt chapel. Since I got an 'extra' driver today (I never planned to leave home except to church in bf), I decided might as well do the rounds of the church at least in makati. Have not done the traditional 'bisita iglesia' for years since my mom had difficulty in walking.

From greenbelt chapel (top left photo), I proceeded to Don Bosco (top right photo), then Shrine of the Sacred Heart (lower left photo) and finally Church of the Resurrecion in BF Homes (lower right photo). It was close to midnight when I reached the last church since a few mins after praying, the priest went to take out the chalice. Just in the nick of time. I was supposed to go to San Antonio in Forbes but as usual, my driver got lost on the way to Sacred Heart so we wasted so much time.

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