Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Alleluia they finally replaced my notebook!

Had not been able to post much the past week though had been meaning to. Been busy on so many stuff one of which was the transfer of precious data to my newly replaced notebook. Alleluia, yes sometime end of last week they finally replaced my notebook!

I requested HP to send the new unit via Electroworld so I can request them to transfer all my data to the new unit. Despite the transfer I had to manually check various files since I noticed some were missed.

Data from other programs such as skype couldnt just be moved so I had to copy each contact detail before I could return the notebook. The shop didnt actually want me to bring home the old unit but I requested HP to call them so I could check data over the weekend before I can return it.

Also, I decided to purchase an external hard drive so that some impt data could be stored in just one place instead of the various other media such as my old reliable zip drive or CD. So hard to keep looking at various media when looking for old info.

Let's see how this new notebook performs.

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