Monday, December 15, 2008

Filipina: A Tribute to the Filipino Woman

Filipina: A Tribute to the Filipino Woman is a hard-bound coffee-table book paying tribute to the women of the Philippines that features striking photos of the Filipina captured in the different facets of her womanhood:a caring mother, a hobby enthusiast, a spiritual person, a determinate athlete, a professional or a simple citizen.

This book is a journey into the heart and soul of the Filipino woman, both famous and unknown.

On every page, the reader will get a hint of why the country is so much indebted to its women : the virtues of the Filipina reveal themselves as we can see her create a piece of art, perform on stage or in the sports arena, harvest rice, demonstrate on the street, or simply attend to her children.

The book was painstakingly produced by Louis Paul Heussaff, CEO of Supply Oilfield Services, as a testament to diversity’s feat, vividly presenting the different faces of a Filipina’s womanhood. No one can understand a filipina more than this french national married to a wonderful Pinay herself.

A collection of over 200 photographs, a myriad faces of the Filipina are highlighted in this beautifully designed book. The Manila urbanite finds her place alongside women from the remote hills of Sabtang. Celebrities, artists, politicians and ordinary women are presented in these photographs which highlight the elegance, determination, devotion, sensibility and individuality of the Filipina.

The book is sold at Amazon for $295 (Php 14,500) but thru the kindess of the publisher, it will be made available to proudly filipina members only for Php 1,500 ($30) for a limited time. You can pre-order the book by contacting us here, and you can pick this up during the launch on Dec. 27. For those outside Metro Manila or the Philippines, we shall inform you of the courier charges.

After the launch, the regular price will apply.

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