Friday, April 06, 2007

My Visita Iglesia

I had a very fulfilling holy thursday. After visiting lola's grave on her birthday I rushed to attend the services in Don Bosco. Been busy the past weeks so I was not able to hear confession at all despite the various 'kumpisal ng bayan' schedules.

I was surprised to see that there were a couple of priests hearing confession inside and outside the church. Usually confessions end on holy wednesday. Had to wait an hour for my turn as all the lines were really long. It was communion time yet I was not yet done. I decided to receive comunion and gave my post to the next in line. I went back in line and after less than half an hour I finished. The priest was really nice. I was about to transfer to the other priest outside since everyone in my line was really taking so long. It was a good thing I remained.

I visited two churches in makati for the traditional 'Bisita Iglesia" - Don Bosco and Sacred Heart Church. The photo here is the blessed sacrament in Don Bosco. I particularly liked it since angels surround the tabernacle.

Proceeded to take dinner in the only restaurant open in town, Italiannis then left makati for BF home to visit the two churches in the subdivision, Presentation of the Child Jesus, and the nearest to the house, Resurrection Parish. The photo on the left is the blessed sacrament at the Presentation Church. Again, I liked the design esp of the ceiling as it is surrounded by cherubims.
I had originally planned to visit the two other churches in the alabang area but since it was close to midnight when I finished, I decided to just go home after my visit to the Resurrection church.

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