Monday, January 22, 2007

More bad feedback re Discovery Suites...

A former officemate and a friend from media reacted to my recent post and shared their sad tales below:

On 1/21/07, Nora Nano wrote:

hi maan,

thanks for sharing. i have stayed at the discovery suites several times and highly recommended it to balikbayan relatives and friends after another friend recommended it too. service was very good, the rooms were nice and any problem reported was acted upon promptly. but those where the days when discovery suites was quite new.

last july, my moms brothers and sisters and neice rented several units for their use. I stayed with them for several days. I saw the difference in service. I reported the aircon of one rooms in the 2bedroom suite because it was hot and i couldn't sleep. no one seems to know the problem. they keep offerring a solution, but it doesn't work. i practically slept beside the thermostat to make sure the temperature wouldn't rise.. finally i told them to send someone to look at the problem. it took hours before someone came.

you mentioned something about the web rates and the actual charges... my cousin encountered the same. i think it has to do with the exchange rate. different rates were being used for different reasons. she even offered to pay in dollars, but again, computations were different. she wrote a letter to DOT(?) regarding her complaint. later, discovery suites was offerring her some free stay, etc. of course she wouldn't budge. no way for her to go back there.

my uncle from canada has been a frequent guest of the hotel for several years now. when he stays there, it is for extened periords - almost a month and he uses either a 2 bedroom or 3 bedroom unit. but i think he also encountered problems with the hotel in their last stay last july.

am copying them your rambling because i wouldn't want them to experience the same problemif they decide to check in at the discovery suites again. it is a pity because the location is really excellent for expats, and professionals with business in the ortigas area and balikbayans who want to shop in the nearby sm megamall and greenhills area.

regards and hope to see you again soon.

From: "relly carpio"

> hear! hear!
> and that is why after two bad experiences with presscons at that place
> i vowed never to attend any more events there.
> plus, i had a friend stay there when he visited manila, he left in the
> middle of the night and moved to another condotel in ortigas, after an
> experience that he simply described as "i'd rather not talk about it"
> nuff said.

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