Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Grand Hyatt Erawan

Arrived around 1240pm at bangkok, earlier than sked. Eugene fetched me, and brought me straight to the venue of the pre summit study tour.

A big booboo of mine though was I forgot I had two checked in luggages. Actually the second one was a box with my xango bottle and eugene's 'bilin' - maine and tail shampoo and conditioner. Gosh had to get into customs again with much 'pakiusap'. Good thing it was still on the belt.

Photos show my room at the luxurious grand hyatt erawan, right at the heart of bangkok.

I liked the glass table. Apparently, the business center of the hotel is being refurbished so each of the room then gets this working table which I think is a lot better than going to the hotel bc.
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