Sunday, April 30, 2006

Finally I was able to visit Lola and Lolo

Finally I was able to visit the grave of my grandparents and great grandparents at La Loma yesterday afternoon. I was supposed to go there last Arpil 5 during Lola's birthday but then I got very sick. I felt so guilty since for the first time since she passed away no one visited her. Dad passed away last year and there is no one else but me to visit.

It had to be on a saturday since Eddie has to be with me. I am not sure how to open the iron gates and I knew I had to have it cleaned. Next week will be first saturday and I will be in Bulacan again to hear mass. The following saturday is the concert of Doc Bob. The following saturday I will be teaching 'the women of ateneo" internet stuff" and the next saturday after I will be in Paris celebrating my birthday!!!

Good thing eddie was there for the sliding lock seemed to have gotten stuck and rusted so it got broken when forced open. I had to have chain purchased so we can close it again before we left.

The marker has darkened through time and due to the candles in the past. There were lots of weeds that had grown since we last visited last christmas.

It was a good thing, someone arrived and helped clean. She was looking for dad but told her he passed away last year. She used to clean lola's grave and those around. Her name is Luz and I told her to keep checking on my grandparents place. She sleeps on the next plot which I think belongs to the Salongas. Our lot is on the govt officials area since I think it was given by the city mayor to dad when lolo passed away.

Luz suggested to buy a sandpaper to remove the dark stains and it seemed to be working. Eddie though also bought Muriatic acid just to be sure.

Vines were already starting to grow on the walls next to our lot so Luz went up to try and remove them lest it creeps to our area. The second layer on the grave was constructed since dad didnt know I bought two lots in the more modern Heritage Park. So right now no one is there but I recalled him telling Beverly its all theirs.

It' such a feat reaching La Loma cemetery from my house esp during All Saints Day therefore I decided to buy a different lot. Heritage is less than half an hour from my house and maybe only around 15 mins from makati CBD.

The dark spots are now gone. I think I was able to finish three mysteries of the rosary plus the divine mercy chaplet before the whole area was cleaned :)

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