Monday, April 24, 2006

A fast update

Been wanting to regularly update my main blog but had been busy the past months finalizing my travel plans next month besides tons of office concerns. Difficult to be a struggling entrepreneur.

So far, have gathered the following learnings :

1. Never lend money even if they beg and promise the world
2. Choose your partners carefully. Think about it a hundred times.

Truly simple one might say but it could be a profound experience once you get into 'that' situation.

I had encountered lots of hitches in the past coupled with domestic concerns (remember I do everything now and rely only on me and myself alone) which has been causing undue stress.

So I decided right after Dad's first death anniversary, off I run to my favorite city (Paris) where I will celebrate my birthday. Would never want to hold it here with very sad memories (dad was buried right before my birthday).

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