Wednesday, December 21, 2005

'Tis a Reunion Season - now for Andy

Yes my blog has so far been about homecomings and reunions. Christmas brings this spirit for it means being with family, relations and old friends. Its a mad week hopping from one commitment and party to the other.

The get together planned by marijo coincided with the combined BPAP/PSIA christmas party so I just had to show my face for a couple of minutes at the Crown Plaza ballroom and off I rushed to Casa Armas at the podium just in time for dessert. Actually food was gone when I arrived at the Crown Plaza earlier. When I reached podium I was in time to scrape off some leftovers :)

Andy and Rio Denoga just arrived from Union City and we were supposed to have dinner on the 21st as previously arranged. All of a sudden I get a call from marijo regarding this reunion then nick wanted us to meet again with a smaller group on the 23rd which later became 21st due to Gerry's sked. Now our pre-arranged date with Andy will now be combined with Nick's treat at Shang tomorrow night (oops its morning so it must be tonight).

I guess all my batchmates and friends from abroad do miss all of us and would like to make the most by being together at all times. Took some candid shots which I made into a collage below. Some of those present were Cynch, Edwin, Alex, Marina, Boots, Marijo, Egay, Denny, Lucille, Mito - Yoyo and Nanny made habol.

Right after the gathering, andy, rio and I proceeded to the wake of Susan's dad. Andy and Rio are close friends of Susan's sister Lulu. Tony, lulu's husband is andy's high school classmate. Small world huh? What will you expect from a wake besides some sad stories? Reunion of old friends and relatives again!

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