Monday, January 03, 2005

Birthday of Tess

Tess' birthday Posted by Hello

Tess called me up sunday morning requesting if she could celebrate her birthday with a small party in my condo. Can I say no to a good friend? I just cant imagine how much I will need to fix it for I have so much things there. I didnt tell her that the last working day of the year, I already emailed a reminder to our group to make sure we treat tessie on her birthday jan 3.

There was a year that we all forgot it was her birthday! Since its usually the first working day of the year, everyone is busy with work.

Anyway, such a blessing in disguise since I was forced to really clear lots of stuff so our friends will have a place to sit in this tiny studio.

Tess brought some mouth watering shrimps, crabs, tasty noodles from Amber, chicken and lechon! She didnt even forget the dessert.

Frankly, I focused on the crab and shrimp and got so full that I was not able to try the others.

An interesting topic during luch was --- retirement from the bank :)

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