Wednesday, June 09, 2004

This is my first post in this newly created blog. Had a horrible morning with our tempo driver leaving early morning without asking permission. To think I was in a great hurry since I had an early morning meeting. Dad was forced to drive the Honda despite my arguments against this.

Marissa treated me for lunch at the new resto by Casa Armas at Paseo Ctr. Rose joined us too after her lunch at Vigan.

Forgot that I had a dinner date with janette. Good thing she texted me to remind. Rowena joined later since I requested her to ride in the Nissan while I go with dad in the Honda. We fetched dad at Kimpura and left together.

By the way, saw Tita gracing and all my cousins and nephew at italiannis. I suppose their birthday treat. Requested Gia to give them the gold card discount.

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lovetoride aka tito lits said...

you wrote this a few days after your birthday- you did not tell me earlier you started a blog :(

you actually started your blog ahead of me, coool.